• DeathMercenary
    DeathMercenary posted the thread FACTION WARS RULES in Rules.
    - OFFICIAL FACTION WARS RULES - Offense: Alt Factions to avoid Elo loss. Punishment: Elo Reset, Faction Disbanded, Players banned...
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    strato posted the thread Ban appeal in Appeals.
    1. Minecraft Username: TheReal0GMudbone / xSARTZETAKISx / JacePeters 2. Punishment (Ban/Mute/Warn): Perm ban 3. Punishment Reason...
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    IchMussmal replied to the thread unmute appeal.
    I swaer i wont do it again
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    IchMussmal posted the thread unmute appeal in Appeals.
    Dear Server team! 1. Minecraft Username: IchMussmal 2. Punishment (Ban/Mute/Warn): Mute 3. Punishment Reason: "perm"See Owner 4. When...
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    IchMussmal posted the thread unmute in Appeals.
    Dear server Team, I'm sorry for what I did, please discourage me because otherwise you can't play the server