Staff Application


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1). What is your Discord name with # and numbers?
2). What is your Minecraft in game name?
3). What is your time zone?
4). How old are you?
5). Do you have any punishment history? If so, what was the past 3 punishments?
6). Tell us about yourself!
I am 1 14 year old kid who lives in California, I enjoy sports, hanging out with friends, and gaming!
7). Why should you be staff on our server?
I believe you should make me staff on this server because I have played on this server for like 1-2 months and through out that time I had so much fun. I wanted to apply because if I became staff, I could bring the enjoyment I had from playing on this server to other people. I really want to help out and be a part of the team because I want to try and have this server grow and with the fun I had on this server i could make that happen. Even though Minecraft servers are for fun and games, that should be staff's last priority. Are main priority should be helping players and making sure anything bad happening gets situated.
8). What would differentiate you from other staff?
The thing that differentiates me from others is because of how I enjoy advising and helping people out. I like buisness type jobs, I can help this server grow and such more.
Anything else would you like to add?
I think you should make me staff on your server because being a staff has always been my goal since day 1 of playing this server. It allows me to express happiness that I had while playing this server to others who just started. It also allows me to help those in need rather than just being able to advise someone, as well as giving me a new take on this server. Also although Minecraft servers are supposed to be about fun, I would take this more seriously than others. Work should always be ahead of having fun in my opinion. I know I sound super serious but that is how much I want staff on this server. Thank you and the staff team for allowing me to Apply for staff on this wonderful server. I hope to get an answer from you guys sooner or later. Thank you :)
10). Did you read the whole application thread in its entirety? (There's 2 parts to the application process, be sure to read it all.)
Yes I have read the whole application thread. I have also went through the rules.


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Make sure to fill out the second portion of the staff application!