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1). What is your Discord name with # and numbers? Zoey#0069

What is your Minecraft in game name? Femboy_Pengu

3). What is your time zone? Eastern/EST

How old are you? 16

Do you have any punishment history? If so, what was the past 3 punishments? I have no punishments.

Tell us about yourself! Hi, I am Zoey. I am 16 years old currently a Junior in high school that accele in Math & Science. I like to play video games including, Minecraft, Tarkov, and COD Mainly.

Why should you be staff on our server? I believe I should be staff on PrismForge for two reasons. Those reasons consist of my Activity and my Experience. I believe my Activity will be a major benefactor because I will be on atleast 4-6 hours a day. I believe my previous experience in being staff on other servers, I have been staff on over 10 servers in the past consisting such as, Archon, Vanity, ObsidianPrison, And many more.

8). What would differentiate you from other staff? What would differentiate me from other applicants are as stated before my Activity and my Previous Experience. But these are not the only things, one MAJOR thing that would differentiate me from other applicants is my Temper and Toxicity, I find myself to be a player that is not toxic (Of Course I have been but not often at all).

Anything else would you like to add? Thank You for your time <3

10). Did you read the whole application thread in its entirety? Yes.


PrismForge Owner
Staff Team
We appreciate you for taking interest in becoming a part of our Staff Team.
Unfortunately, your application has been DENIED for 1 or more of the following reasons:
- Not active enough in game
- Not active enough on discord
- Not enough effort* in your application
- Lack of maturity
- Applied too recently after previous application
- Have been recently punished for breaking the rules.
- Not meeting the requirements
- Didn't follow the application Format

We respectfully decline your application, and hope you learn from our requirements, and hope to see you again in applications at some point in the future!

Feel free to apply again in 1 month! Make sure to go over the requirements before applying.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

*For applications, we expect users to take time in completing them, and answering each question with as much detail as possible.
Not open for further replies.