Staff Application


New member
What is your Discord name with # and numbers?

What is your Minecraft in game name?
ThreeSharpSwords (recently changed) Itz_Wyatt (old name)

3). What is your time zone?

4). How old are you?
13 Almost 14

5). Do you have any punishment history? If so, what was the past 3 punishments?
I was once banned on a survival minecraft server for saying a different servers name in general chat (advertising)

6). Tell us about yourself!
I am a 13 year old kid who loves to play hockey and video games i'm from minnesota.

7). Why should you be staff on our server?
I think you should make me a member of your staff team because I have always loved playing on this server. I have played on this server for a very long since before it died since the whole player base left I left with it. Now seeing the server getting back up i want to help make this server popular and fun again. i have always enjoyed this type of server and always knew playing minecraft was all about fun and exploring with friends but this will put a new spin onto that having a real responsibility is something i am looking for to to get more experience so i can be a big member of this community.

8). What would differentiate you from other staff?
I have always enjoyed giving new player pointers and other tips of knowledge of how to be good and grow to become better. I would like to play a part in helping this server grow and develop.

Anything else would you like to add?
I am not afraid of talking using my mic. I am active on discord almost everyday. I am able to be on the server for at least a few hours everyday probably more.

10). Did you read the whole application thread in its entirety? (There's 2 parts to the application process, be sure to read it all.)
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