PRISMFORGE SEASON 2.0 RESET (January 7th, 2022)

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It's finally happening! PrismForge is resetting for the 2.0 Release.
Here is a list of the changes for those who haven't seen.

- Level cap increased to 100
- Skills Cap increased to 100
- Experience Gain Formula Updated
- New Skill: Magic (Coincides with the Wands Weapons)
- New Passive Skill: Looter
- New Passive Skill: Miner
- New Passive Skill: Trader
- New Low Level Skill Reset

Prestige has been added for those who truly grind on the server. There is a prestige Cap of 10, and your prestige will never be removed and is kept for future seasons. With Prestige comes the Prestige Shop, which will have many different unlockable items/abilities.

Prestige Requirements:
- You must be higher than level 75
- Costs 2,000 Tokens
- Costs $30 Million In Game Currency

Prestige Rewards:
+1 Permanent Skill Point
+10 Prestige Tokens for Prestige Shop
+1 Prestige Level

Prestige Shop:
- CP's Teleport (Ability to teleport to the CP's that you or your faction has captured)
- Level 8 Items (Gives you the ability to upgrade items to level 8, but requires prestige tokens for each item you unlock)
- Insurances Fix (Gives you the ability to fix/reset insurances, at the cost of $5,000,000)
More to Come in future updates.

- Level 8 Items
- Mythic Rarity Added
- Gem Stones Added
- Added new Weapon: Wands

are a new weapon type. Similar to melee, but with an increased range. Wands hit range are from 4 - 13 blocks, any further or closer will result in the wands not hitting the intended target. Wands damage scales with the Magic Skill

have now been added, these hoppers will automatically pick up any cactus that is dropped in the chunk they are placed.
You can purchase CropHoppers in the Player Shop.

We added a Plot Removal Item, when activated, removes all dirt, stone and grass blocks from your plot.
You can purchase Plot Removal in the Token Shop.

We created an indepth, randomizing, TokenShop. The TokenShop has many categories with many different items. It resets twice a day, making different items available for purchase. You can get tokens by Voting and completing Bounties.

All Spawners are upgradeable, which costs gold per level increase.
Iron Golem Spawners, are more unique, where once they reach a certain level, they get upgraded to the next spawner type, which drops better ores as a result.
When spawners are broken/exploded, they are reset back to level. Iron Golem Spawners of any level (Even increased to a different mob) will be reset back to level 1 IG Spawners.

have been revamped, as the season progresses, we will release new Bosses. Each boss will be difficult to fight, requiring decent gear to fight them. Once you die in the boss area, you will not be permitted back in until a new boss is spawned in. Boss Rewards are based off of a certain damage threshold, once you have done enough damage, you will randomly get rewards for the boss. To know if you have done enough damage to a boss, you will receive a Boss Mark, which signifies that you entered the Boss Rewards loot pool. You can spend Boss Marks in the /markshop

Players who land the kill shot on a boss, will receive a Boss Chest.

Vote Crystals work like regular Common - Mythic Crystals, however, the possible loot you gain from them, is set by the current TokenShop items.
There are 5 different Vote Sites, that refresh every 24 hours.

Vote Rewards:
- $5,000
- Vote Crystal
- 3 Tokens
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