LifesDepressing Staff Application


New member
1). What is your Discord name with # and numbers? LifesDepressin#5695

What is your Minecraft in game name? LifesDepressing

3). What is your time zone? GMT

How old are you? 13

Do you have any punishment history? If so, what was the past 3 punishments? No, to my knowledge i have no punishment history on Prismforge.

Tell us about yourself! Oh God.... Well... I play Minecraft, i am 13, in Year 9 ( 8th Grade ), I am pretty active and on the most part get on Minecraft on the daily. Very rarely do i have a day where i do not play Minecraft and I am friendly and respect all players.

Why should you be staff on our server? I have been playing Prismforge since it reset and before that, I really enjoy Prismforge and like the concept of the server. I have a good understanding of the rules on Prismforge and believe i would be a great staff member.
8). What would differentiate you from other staff?
I am friendly and most people that play Prismforge are usually from the USA, i have a time-zone difference and while other staff ( for e.g ) are in school, I will be on Prismforge moderating the server.

Anything else would you like to add? Not really, just that i really love Prismforge and the Owners, Admins and the Community as a whole. Thank you for reading.

10). Did you read the whole application thread in its entirety? (There's 2 parts to the application process, be sure to read it all.)
Yes, yes i did!