• Spamming/Caps: Public chat is for everyone and not just you and your friend. Any spamming or excessive usage of CAPITAL letters will be punished. Please try to not send more than 3 messages after each other in chat without anyone else speaking in between.
  • Harrasment + Racism/Discrimination: Harassment is very rare, as players will generally be toxic towards each other, but if you are found to be constantly trash talking a player, without general reason, it can/will be handled as harassment, and punished as such
  • Threats: Anything said that suggests harming or hindering someone or their friends/family/dog etc. is not allowed.
  • Leaking of private information/Doxing: Personal information is well... personal. And it should stay that way. Don't release anyone's personal information from their name to their house address
  • Advertisment: Advertising another server or service (through IP Address, Links, Discord invites etc.) in chat will result in a ban
  • NSFW Content: We are pretty relaxed about this, however sexual conversation, ... is strictly prohibited.

The following points are forbidden:

  • Cheating: Using any 3rd party software which gives you an advantage over other players will result in a ban
  • Bug/Glitch Abuse: Abusing Bugs to get an advantage over other players will be punished
  • Inappropiate Skin/IGN: Your skin as well as your IGN should not include any NSFW content.
  • Illegal Deals + IRL Scam: You are allowed to trade ingame items for ranks on our server. However you are not allowed to trade for other things (e.g. Paypal, Steam Games). IRL-Scamming is also forbidden.
  • Chargeback: Chargebacking your money after purchasing something in server store will result in a ban.
  • Bypassing Alt Limit: You are allowed to use 5 accounts per IP. Using more accounts will be punished.

NOTE: Just because something isn't in the rules does not mean that it is allowed. If you'r unsure, please go ahead and ask Staff members.
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