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Forenote: Credits are going to the original post of Phil, the creator of the following thread: Pitforge's Raiding Rules

Offense: Inappropriate Faction Name
Punishment: Faction Strike / Name Changed to a placeholder
Description: An intentionally inappropriate username, the likes of which wouldn't be allowed in the main server chat, in usernames, or on skins.

Offense: Evading Grace Period
Punishment: 7 day ban for each player who evaded.
Description: At no time during a Grace Period can you 'raid' a base, evading the server's built-in measures to prevent raiding.

Offense: Griefing
Punishment: 7 day ban -> Permanent Ban
Description: Using unintended methods of grief at faction bases, including but not limited to, having liquids flow into a base from raidzone. (Use a cannon like everyone else)

Offense: Insiding
Punishment: 3 day ban -> 1 Month Ban + Exclusion from that Season F-Top Rewards
Description: Taking items/spawners from a faction base without explicit permissions from the faction Leader. If you have an issue, please make a ticket and a staff member will help you.

Offense: Bug Raiding
Punishment: 7 day ban -> Permanent Ban
Description: Using enderpearls, pistons, spectator, bugs/exploits, etc to raid a faction base without using a cannon to break the walls. To prevent people from claiming bug raids, try to record the evidence of the raid.

Offense: Alt Factions
Punishment: Faction Strike, Alt disbanded
Description: Using another faction to protect your main faction and its value/contents from raids

Offense: Immunity Grinding
Punishment: Faction Strike, 4 Day Ban for all players in faction, Immunity Reset
Description: Using another faction to protect your main faction and its value/contents from raids

Offense: Cannon Speed
Punishment: Raid voided, base rolled back, Faction Strike
Description: Cannon Speeds are 4 seconds minimum.

Offense: Regen Walls
Punishment: 24 Hour notice to remove. If you have not removed additional regens, they will be removed by an administrator and a strike will be issued.
Description: There is a maximum of 4 regens on each side of your base. A regen wall is a wall which will automatically repair itself when damaged with TNT.

Offense: Unraidable Defenses & Walls
Punishment: Faction Strike, Unraidable blocks removed without refund
Description: Any block placed which causes sand, gravel or other raiding blocks to malfunction. Examples of these are (but not limited to): enchantment tables, iron bars, cobblestone fences and enderchests

Offence: Rude/Explicit Art
Punishment: 2 Day Ban & Art Removed
Description: Any pixel art or other art drawn/represented in an explicit or crude manner

Offense: Automated Raid Checkers
Punishment: Raid Checking account banned for 7 days
Description: An automatic bot which checks to see if you are being raided
Note: Manual checking of a base (where a human is involved in the loop at any point) is allowed.

Offense: Using Obsidian, Lava or Water to Protect Spawners
Punishment: Liquid/Obsidian Removal, Possible Spawner Removal or Faction Strike
Description: Using Obsidian, lava or water to protect any type of spawner. This only applies if it is directly protecting the spawner and does not count towards any type of wall defense.

Offense: Exploding/Mining your own Spawners when being raided.
Punishment: Faction Strike, Player Ban/Reset depending on severity. Value Granted to enemy faction.
Description: When a faction mines/breaks their own spawners while being scouted/raided. Due to the way our raiding is setup, to make it more fair for raiders, we do not allow the self breaking of spawners to save them. We however do allow players to pickup exploded spawners if they manage to do so when enemies break them.

Allowed Cannons
The following cannons are allowed on Prismforge:
  • Left/Right Cannons
  • Pseudo-Nukes
  • Hybrid & Reverse Hybrid Nukes
  • Any Hybrid cannon which has a shooting speed of 4 or more seconds.
Disallowed Cannons
The following cannons are not allowed on Prismforge:
  • Cannons which cause significant lag to the server
  • Cannons intended to lag the server
  • Cannons which primarily aim to drop the FPS of anyone around it
  • Cannons which shoot faster than once every four seconds
  • Cannons which destroy multiple walls with one shot
  • Cannons which "glitch/bug" through standard defenses

Punishments are subject to change based upon owner's discretion, without proper update (we will try to keep rules properly updated) we do this, so players don't make the assumption "oh it's a small punishment, I can do it and get away with it".
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