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You checking this thread must mean you're interested into supporting PrismForge not directly by supporting the playerbase, moderating or server development on code basis but by making the server and it's environment a more beautiful and enjoyable place with creativity - That's what Builders do!

With that said, Builder Applications can be submitted beginning at April 7th, 2021 - 16:00 UTC.

As a Builder your job is - of course - to build. You're the ones who puts live into the server using blocks, creativitiy and, perhaps, redstone logic. You'd work alongside other builders on projects that can differ between current map additions like tiny and funny secrets or easter eggs, structures or entire map changes. Other examples for projects are entire map remodelings for seasonal events and constructions of whole instances like custom held events. For most of the time Builders work together on one big project and try to demonstrate their inspiration with their blocks and minds. Within these projects, players will also have the possibility to work on samples fully individually.

However, Builders are not meant to do their job fully solo. They're meant to communicate within the team and share opinions and suggestions toward everything and work close with the playerbase and development and have their guidelines, too.
Also, Builders are representating the staff team. Therefore they must behave like one and should take on the model role for all other players, just like the moderating, progamming and back-end staff members. But don't worry, supporting players in need IS NOT part of that duty but keep in mind your actions might affect your own and the team's reputation. If you wish to support players in need or moderate the server, visit the Helper Application thread

At the bottom of this thread can be found a link leading to the application forms, but we suggest you to read through this thread before starting the application.



Not everyone is fit as a Builder, in fact, building experience and talent does not guarantee a spot in the team. Here are some points we expect from all potential applicants:

* SOME building experience - knowledge about building mods is appreciated but not required
Ability to communicate with other people in English
* Participation in building projects
* Awareness of basic rules, your staff position and common sense
* A Discord and Minecraft account owned only by yourself
* At least 1 day of online time on PrismForge (Can be checked with /onlinetime)
* No punishments, including warnings, for at least 2 weeks
* Creativity and inspiration mixed with enjoyment!

If you feel like you're meeting each of these points without doubt, you're most likely a great fit in the team =)


We're getting to the end. About the application, in order to send it in, you must prepare one or more constructions, landscapes or others you have built and attach screenshots of them at the end of the application forms. It may be anything you have in mind, but give it your best and take your time. Having a great submittion gives us an impression of how well you are doing.
Keep in mind to work on the application completly by yourself! If we find out it wasn't fully your own effort, it will be denied with no more option to reapply. Beside that, in case your application gets denied, you're allowed to reapply after 4 weeks of waiting. Also, do not ask staff members how to answer on the application's questions. This will also result in an immediate discard. Else we are willing to respond to any question you have.

Great, if you've read and understood everything and agree, you can find the application form
here (Only working after application phase has started)!

Best of Luck!