Application as a helper for Prismforge


New member
1). What is your Discord name with # and numbers?
My Discord tag is Xutsy#7700.

2). What is your Minecraft in game name?
My ingame name is 6juc.

3). What is your time zone?
My Timezone is CET.

4). How old are you?
I am 17 years old.

5). Do you have any punishment history? If so, what was the past 3 punishments?
I really cant remember if I got punished before I did dumb shit but I can´t really remember anything.

6). Tell us about yourself!
My name is Patryk,
I´m 17 years old and i am coming from Germany.
I can speak fluently German and Polish.
I would say my English is pretty decent it is hard to tell for me because im a language learner,if you want you can call me on discord and we can talk a bit. :D

7). Why should you be staff on our server?
I really love Prismforge since I first joined on It it was like two years ago I think.
It was way better then Pitforge and I told all my friends to join on Prismforge.
I love to help people and I would really enjoy it to help the server get the best.

8). What would differentiate you from other staff?
I am very active (8/24hrs atleast).I have enough time to help everyone on the Server with their problems.
I am very helpfully and I really enjoy helping other people.

Anything else would you like to add?
I love you.

10). Did you read the whole application thread in its entirety?
Yes,I did.