1. DeathMercenary

    Content Creator Applications

    ***Content Creator Ranks!!!*** Here are some things that apply to all of them. > Upload/Stream once every 2 weeks (Of PrismForge) > Make other content than just PrismForge (Minecraft Related) > Videos have to stay up for 3 months __**Media:**__ > Requires 50 Subs (Grow 10 subs a month to...
  2. DeathMercenary

    Appeals Format

    To start an appeal, simply start a new thread on by clicking here. Please write your ban appeal in the format below (just copy paste it in the thread and fill it out). When making appeals, please follow this format or it will be denied 1. Minecraft Username: 2. Punishment (Ban/Mute/Warn): 3...
  3. DeathMercenary


    APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Becoming a Helper Before applying, take the time to read this entire post, as it will help you further down the line. As a Helper, your primary responsibility will be to...