F1 (1.22.0) Token Shop Revamp/Tradein Buff/Sounds Effect/Parkour Event Added!


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Hello everyone!

We've survived another week, and have some amazing updates as a result! Let me know what you think!

» Kits have been revamped, and now work via /kit (kit name)
» Tradein
now gives boosted exp amounts based off of Item Levels
» Token Shop has been revamped:
Token Shop refreshes every 12 hours, on server reboots.
There are 10 Token Item Options that have variable costs. They change randomly and don't have a set change amount, just a ratio (IE: Common is 10-25)
The first 5 Token Shop Items are preset by admins - Random Items such as Sell All/Fly Orbs/Boss Eggs/Crystals etc.
Second 5 Token Shop Items are random items from Novis, only level 1

» More sound effects have been added to inventory clicking events

» Parkour Event was added to 🔥 Events server!

- Added prismforge.net as a server IP
- Added prismforge.com/rules link
- Added prismforge.com/resourcepack

- Promoted JeffHolliday to Mod+
- Promoted XGreenBeanX to Helper
- sakproREE stepped down

⭐ F1 (1.22.0):
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Buycraft Chests to have Correct Items
- Fixed Double Abilities Lore on Custom Equipment
- Fixed Enchants to no longer activate on Death
- Patched G-Kits
- Patched XP Boost Enchant
- Patched /trade
- Patched Stacked Items in Tradeup
- Patched Enchants so they now work on Mobs

- Added Sound Effect to Life Steal
- Buffed Life Steal Enchant activate chance
- Added Sound Effects to Buycraft Chests
- Updated Mechanics to BuyCraft Chests
- Updated Novis Mechanics
- Added Novis Animation
- Added Sounds to Exp Bottle usage
- Buffed CP's boost from 1.3x to 1.5x
- Armor Enchants no longer activate after player dies
- Updated Exp Bottle Lore/Name Formatting
- Set Event Rarity Equipment Max Level to 5
- Added Event Crystal
- Added Event Rarity
- Added Event Dust
- Added /kit (kitname) command
- Added Sound Effect to enderpearls
- Added Sound Effect to Claiming Kits
- Added Vigor/Crush/War Cry/Propulsion/Shield Bash Enchants

- Revamped Token Shop
- Added /kit help
- Added /token help
- Updated /help
- Updated Formatting in Trade Down

- Updated Formatting in Tradein
- Added Sound Effects to Salvager
- Updated Salvager GUI Command
- Updated Tradeup GUI Command
- Updated Trade Down GUI Command

🔥 Events (0.5.0):
- Added Parkour NPC to Lobby
- Created Parkour World
- Created Parkour Map
- Fixed Tab
- Added /player on/off Toggles player visibility
- Added /parkourtoggleteleport (Admin Command) Disables teleporting if falls in parkour area
- Created Parkour Area #1 (Thanks to dange)
- Added Checkpoints